American Dog Toys- Gives back to Rescues

American Dog was inspired by our amazing dog, Gracie. For over 6 years Gracie has been hanging out in our factory where we make tactical products, fitness equipment, fashion bags and outdoor gear for a number of growing local businesses who insist upon being Made in the USA.

Motivated by Gracie's passion for play, we began to build toys (which became prototypes) for her to play with while she was at the factory. Over the years, dogs belonging to other employees and several customers started visiting the factory as well. It soon became apparent that we needed more toys and that meant more ideas…American Dog was born.

Co-founded by Hayley Clark-Johnson, Tina Johnson, Tina Anderson and Tasha Hunsaker, American Dog is dedicated to building 100% USA made dog products and sharing them with you and your pups! We took our military and outdoor gear know-how and injected it into our doggy innovations to build high quality, long-lasting products. Our toys and dog accessories are hand-produced daily by people who still believe in the American Dream -- a dream that keeps Americans working, keeps money in the US and stimulates our economy.

Our American Dream is alive and getting more exciting! After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, we are now in stores throughout the US and hope to see continued growth thanks to your support.

We promise that these interactive products will fit with your on-the-go, work hard, play hard lifestyle and will continue to bring you innovative, fun products for you and your pups! 

American Dog recognizes that there are many dogs in shelters and rescues around the country that are in need and we wanted to make sure our business was able to give something back. Inspired by our dog, Gracie and her passion to play, we started Gracie’s Giveback - a program dedicated to supporting rescues around the country.

American Dog will donate a portion of every toy or product sold to a chosen rescue every quarter. It’s our way of helping the amazing folks who run these non-profit companies meet the growing needs they face.