Best Friend Mobility- Pet Wheelchairs

At Best Friend Mobility, we are dedicated to making life better for pets and for the humans who love and take care of them. 

Not so long ago, certain injuries or even just the natural path that aging takes for our four-legged friends left most of us with hardly any recourse but to euthanize them. It’s a good thing that a greater number of pet lovers like us are finding more options, more support, and more innovations with regard to the care of our ailing or aging pets. The arrival of the dog wheelchair has certainly given many of us a profoundly different choice. 

The people who make up Best Friend Mobility come from all walks of life and various industries. One thing has banded us together, the goal of putting out the best pet mobility aids that can be found at the most reasonable prices. 

Our own needs and experiences have guided the production process of our dog wheelchairs and our pets’ ever-changing needs continue to influence the design. 

As with humans it is the same with our pets, the loss of mobility is not the end of the line. This is why the wheelchair was invented and this is why we now have dog wheelchairs as well. It’s a new lease on life and we all can enjoy it.