Bamboo Groom Dematting Comb

Bamboo Groom Dematting Comb

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Gentle on the planet, Gentle on your pets.

For Pets of all sizes

For double coated fur. This domb reaches deep into the undercoar to break up mats and tangles comfortably and safely. Using this comb regularly will reduce unwanted shedding, prevent tangles, and mats, and keep the top coat shiny and healthy!

Instructions: Use short strokes on matted sections; then use long and gentle strokes that follow the direction of the hair growth. Avoid harsh contact with your pet's skin. 

    Bamboo Groom is proud to offer a complete collection of premium grooming tools that feature eco-friendly bamboo material. Each of our grooming combs, brushes and rakes are carefully handcrafted and designed for a lifetime of comfortable grooming.