Benebone Puppy Pack Dental Chew + Wishbone (Bacon)
Benebone Puppy Pack Dental Chew + Wishbone (Bacon)
Benebone Puppy Pack Dental Chew + Wishbone (Bacon)
Benebone Puppy Pack Dental Chew + Wishbone (Bacon)

Benebone Puppy Pack Dental Chew + Wishbone (Bacon)

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{from the manufacturer}

These tiny-sized chews are softer and made especially for puppies, they are a tad less durable.  Be careful not to let adult dogs or other strong chewers go-to-town on them.  Don’t worry, we’ve got a tougher chew for them! 

While a tad softer than our adult line, our puppy are still quite hard and meant to last.  So ensure that your puppy has strong, healthy teeth. If you’re unsure, check with your vet to be safe. As always, please make sure to monitor your pup and ensure they are chewing safely.

  • Patented ergonomic design
  • Softer tiny sized for puppies small mouths
  • Real ingredients and Real flavor
  • Made with super strong nylon 
  • 100% Bacon for irresistible flavor and scent

Top Features





Irresistible Flavor and Scent

A dog’s sense of smell is far more powerful than ours! With that in mind, Benebone flavors its durable chews with food-grade bacon, peanuts or chicken to create a flavor and scent that dogs can’t resist! You might not smell these flavors, but trust us - your pup can!

Made & Sourced in USA

Meet Don. He works in the New York factory that produces Benebones. We are committed to Made in USA in our manufacturing, sourcing, and even tooling. We are proud to offer quality products made by fellow Americans and are committed to supporting US businesses.

Patented Ergonomic Design

Flat chew toys can be difficult to handle. That’s why Benebone wishbones feature a design that rocks to easily position a comfortable chewing session. Deep grooves give further opportunity for a good grip and bite.

Helping Dogs in Need

Dogs give us unconditional love and loyalty. In our own small way, we return the favor for dogs in need. Every week, Benebone donates some amount of product to U.S. shelters and rescues. Our fans lead the way via Benebone shelter donation contests.


Benebone nylon chew toys carry risk. They are for dogs only and are not to be eaten. Chewing should always be supervised. Discard after reasonable wear. Benebones may cause an allergic reaction in humans or animals that are allergic to one or more components, such as nylon, peanuts, chicken or pork. For more information, see