FRESH NEWS Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Litter - For Cats and Small Animals

FRESH NEWS Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Litter - For Cats and Small Animals

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{from the manufacturer}

Fresh News® is dedicated to providing a healthy and hygienic environment for you, your pet, and your home!


Fresh News® is made using 100% post-consumer paper from recycling centers, and our unique recycling program called PaperGator® where non-profit organizations are paid to collect recycled paper (

  • Fights odor - Fresh News Litters & Beddings work hard to fight odors with the help of natural carbon found in recycled paper and our Ammonia Locker Technology. This outstanding combination will work to keep your house smelling clean and fresh!
“I have two parrots and I used this litter and it almost completely blocked the smell. Highly recommend this product.”
  • Reduced landfill - Did you know using and composting Fresh News® during the average pet’s lifetime diverts approximately 3,000 pounds of litter from landfills?
  • Non-allergenic

  • 3x more absorbent than clay - Fresh News Original Texture offers a softer pellet that retains its form when wet reducing the amount of pellets tracked around your house. Fresh News Multi-Cat offers a softer texture that will limit the amount of litter outside of your litter box.

  • 99% Dust Free and are Low Tracking - Less dust around the house leaves a cleaner litter box, a cleaner home, and a cleaner environment.

  • Moisture locking granules to help neutralize litter box odors which means you can keep your home smelling fresh!