JW Guitar Bird Toy

JW Guitar Bird Toy

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Your pet bird will be rocking and rolling with all the stimulation and exercise he enjoys with the JW® Pet Activitoy Guitar bird toy. Designed to stimulate and engage your pet bird's mind as well as its motor skills. This bird toy will keep your feathered friend vigorous and healthy. The plastic guitar features a shiny, reflective surface and multiple enticing textures and sounds. Tiny plastic beads spin around at the top, and three colorful plastic beads at the bottom can be pulled up to ring the dangling bells. Relieves cage boredom and it's a great toy for pet parakeets and cockatiels and similarly sized birds wanting to star in their own one-bird show. Made with your pet birds well-being in mind from non-toxic durable materials.

5.25" X 1.75" X 7"

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