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Our tri-blend shirt is perfect whether you are enjoying the outdoors or just going about your day. This lightweight and breathable eco-friendly shirt is an everyday essential. Made with three sustainable materials, this just might be the most comfortable shirt you own.



  • 6-water bottles were used to make this tee
  • 145 gallons of water were saved making this shirt vs. conventional cotton

      All of our clothing is made from recycled or sustainable materials. We will not sell clothing that doesn't promote clean waterways. We also partner with 1% for the Planet to ensure the planet reaps the same benefits as Lake&Lure.


      You probably know the feeling. It’s like a calling. Being near the water somehow makes everything better. Calmer. Happier. More fun. Our family certainly wasn’t unique in feeling drawn to the water. But while summer vacations sent most of our Maryland neighbors across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to the marshy Eastern Shore and the mid-Atlantic beaches, we headed three hours west instead, to the shimmering waters of Deep Creek Lake for a quieter, simpler kind of getaway. It didn’t take long for this tradition to become a passion. Lake life got into our blood, and we escaped to Deep Creek and explored other lakes across the country every chance we got. 

      Things changed during the COVID pandemic. Working remotely enabled us to spend more and more time at the lake, and it became not just our refuge, but also the literal center of our lives. Our connection to the land and the water deepened. The days seemed to move more slowly there, and we began to feel a part of the rhythm of the nature all around us. So when restrictions eased and lockdowns ended, the return to “normal” left us feeling a sense of loss. Fishing, morning meditations on the dock, and long hikes with the dogs went from being simple pleasures of daily life to planned events on the calendar again. And frankly, it wasn’t enough. The lake had taught us what was really important. So, over many campfires and zoom calls, we vowed to find a way to keep the essence of lake living in our everyday world, no matter where real life would take us. 

      Fast forward several months, and a family plan spawned a bigger idea. Lake&Lure is now a family business, but it is also the culmination of our longstanding, collective dream to work together, to connect us across the miles, and to apply our various talents toward something that matters. Preserving the feeling of lake living is an obvious tenet of our brand, but behind the scenes, being gentle with the earth in all facets of the business was a non-negotiable part of the process.