Petlinks Scratcher's Choice Hanging Corrugated Cat Scratcher

Petlinks Scratcher's Choice Hanging Corrugated Cat Scratcher

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Help save your furniture and satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts with Petlinks Scratcher’s Choice Hanging Cat Scratcher! Feline friends scratch for a variety of reasons like to stretch, tone muscles, mark territory, sharpen nails and alleviate stress. This scratcher is made in the USA and has concentrated catnip spread throughout each layer of cardboard—this ensures that your kitty gets a nice inhale of the scent every time she scratches the corrugated material. The catnip is even applied to the reverse side to really entice your paw-tner. Not only will your BFF love scratching to her heart’s content, but you’ll love knowing that it’s made of recycled paper pulp!

Key Benefits

  • Saves your furniture and purr-vides your feline with a place to satisfy her natural scratching instincts.
  • Helps her tone, stretch, sharpen nails and mark her territory.
  • Contains concentrated catnip between each layer to excite and energize your paw-tner every time she scratches it.
  • Made of recycled paper pulp.

Made in the USA.