WILD EATS Paddywhack Dog Chew

WILD EATS Paddywhack Dog Chew

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{from the manufacturer}

Wild Eats Paddywhacks are made from natural water buffalo, which are free range & grass fed for the highest quality. Each of our Paddywhacks are sourced from free range & grass fed Water Buffalo, which makes a highly satisfying and long lasting chew. The natural texture helps to clean teeth & gums as your pet chews, which aids in overall dental health. Wild Eats Paddywhacks are gluten free & grain free as well as high in protein while remaining low in fat.

Natural water buffalo
• One source protein
• Promotes healthy teeth & gums
• High in protein while low in fat
• Free range & grass fed
• Gluten free & grain free
• No additives or preservatives


Water Buffalo Braided Neck

Feeding Instructions

Intended for supplemental feeding only, not as a replacement for dog food. Always supervise your pet while chewing and provide plenty of water after feeding. If sharp edges or splintering occur, remove from pet. Remove if pet attempts to swallow whole. Wash hands after handling of product.