MAD ABOUT ORGANICS Oral Care Herbal Gel - For Dogs and Cats
MAD ABOUT ORGANICS Oral Care Herbal Gel - For Dogs and Cats
MAD ABOUT ORGANICS Oral Care Herbal Gel - For Dogs and Cats
MAD ABOUT ORGANICS Oral Care Herbal Gel - For Dogs and Cats

MAD ABOUT ORGANICS Oral Care Herbal Gel - For Dogs and Cats

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We know pets typically do not like going to the vet, especially if they have to be put under for a simple teeth cleaning. Putting animals under is a very delicate procedure and can even be life threatening. This is one reason why we developed this wonderful Organic Herbal Gel Oral Treatment, to help keep your animals' teeth and gums healthy. 

Healthy teeth and gums are very important for your pets. With the use of our Organic Herbal Gel Oral Treatment you will save an expensive trip to the vet and possibly your pet's life!

The Basics:

  • Breaks down the bacterial biofilm that forms on the teeth and gums. 
  • Helps brighten teeth
  • Improves breath instantly
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Works in hard to reach areas
  • No brushing required

Initial Directions:

Apply with your finger or with a soft "finger brush" style toothbrush. You may notice your pet licking their lips repeatedly. This helps mix the gel with your pet’s saliva, and the natural ingredients will coat all surfaces of your pet’s teeth and gums.

Weight Daily Dosage

• Small Dogs & Cats 10 lbs and Under 1/4 tsp. (about 96 applications per 4oz bottle)

• Medium Dogs 1/2 tsp (about 48 applications per 4oz bottle)

• Large Breeds 1 tsp (about 24 applications per 4oz bottle)

Allow no food or water for 1/2 hour before and after application. Brushing every 1-3 days enhances results.

If you have a pet with heavy plaque and tarter build-up, apply first thing in the morning and again in the evening. You should start noticing positive changes after just one week. If applying with a brush, a "soft" or finger brush is recommended. The brushing action removes the plaque and tartar that has been softened by the ingredients in the gel.

After a short time you should notice that the area at the gum line is free from plaque and the gums are looking healthier. When this occurs, harmful bacteria are now blocked from entering your pet’s bloodstream and you can reduce to one application per day.

Directions for Maintenance:

After 30 days when most or all of the build-up has been removed, you can reduce to one application every 2nd or 3rd day. Your pet’s plaque and tartar should not return with this recommended usage. It is not necessary to brush, but occasional brushing may improve results.

For your pet(s) total dental protection and health, we also recommend the use of Mad About Organics' Oral Care Food Additive and Oral Care Water Treatment, which is simply added to their water dish each time you refill.


Organic Ingredients: Water, Blend of Organic ((Aloe Vera juice from the inner fillet), Vegetable Glycerin, Kelp, Grapefruit Seed and Grape Seed Powders, Xanthan Powder, Peppermint, Spearmint, Blueberries, Cranberries and Wintergreen)


Made in the USA - based in Eugene, Oregon and packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle

Customer Testimonials:

5 Stars
Natural product that really works.  After trying other tooth/oral care products, we have stuck to this one because it is truly natural (and not just some of the ingredients like other products), my dogs seem to like it, and it works.
Reviewed by: Angela from Maine. on 6/2/2018
5 Stars
organic oral care gel.  This is the best organic oral gel on the market! i swear by it and my dogs teeth are healthy.
Reviewed by: linda ferling from lake hiawatha. on 3/28/2018
5 Stars
Truly natural.   My dog did not get stomach problems as she did with the other ones
Reviewed by: Mercedes Smith from India. on 4/28/2017