NaturVet Senior Advanced Incontinence Dog Chew

NaturVet Senior Advanced Incontinence Dog Chew

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{from the manufacturer}

Senior Advanced Incontinence Soft Chews are senior dogs, however dogs over 1 year of age may also use them. Use when the most support is needed. Synergistic blend of botanicals help maintain normal muscle tone of the bladder and urinary sphincter muscles to help support healthy bladder control and urinary function.

  • Helps maintain normal bladder health and control
  • Specially formulated for senior dogs

Active Ingredients per Soft Chew:
Pumpkin Seed 125 mg
Rehmannia 125 mg
Wild Yam Root 125 mg
Bee Pollen 25 mg
Oregon Grape Root 25 mg
Marshmallow Root 25 mg
Cranberry Extract 25 mg
Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) 25 mg
Angelica Sinensis 20 mg

Directions For Use: (Daily)

Weight Amount
Up to 50 lbs.
1 soft chew
51 to 75 lbs.
2 soft chews
76 lbs. and over
3 soft chews