Swell Gelato- Chill Time Blackberry Frozen Gelato for Dogs - 4.5 Oz

Swell Gelato- Chill Time Blackberry Frozen Gelato for Dogs - 4.5 Oz

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{from the manufacturer}


We steep pure chamomile and passion flower tea from scratch, mix it with lots of blackberries and add this wellness to our coconut milk while it is gently cooking. Topped with cinnamon and ginger it is almost too much goodness to exist in 1 cup. Almost! Between the soothing effects of licking and the perfect combination of these amazing ingredients your dog will have a very chill time.


It’s how Swell started in my home kitchen and that’s how we continue. We tested outsourcing a few batches to several co-packers in a big production facility but found that their process greatly diminished the quality AND the taste. And since we don’t ever compromise on quality and flavor, we keep it old school. So the gelatos and gourmet toppers your dogs enjoy so much are all cooked in small batches, churned by us and hand poured. It truly is a difference you can taste.

100% Natural Ingredients

We believe that in order to make the best products you need the best ingredients. All Swell products are made from whole fruits and vegetables and creamy coconut milk. We are very generous with our cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric spices. Only a splash of honey or black-strap molasses make it into our gelatos. Never cheap sugars, concentrates or “flavors”. We only use natural stabilizers in our gelato and we never, ever use preservatives (that’s why all our products are frozen to preserve optimum freshness)

Dog Approved!

Taste it, test it! Every new Swell product is first thoroughly taste tested by me before my own picky eater Patches the Chihuahua even gets to taste it. If we both love it (not just like, we have to love) , a long line up of Swell 4-footed volunteer taste testers sacrifice themselves for the greater good. And if they all approve we feel great about having it available for your dogs to enjoy too.

SPCA Donation

Be well, be swell and give back where you can! There are so many great charities in need of donations and we decided to pick 1 and make it significant. Part of all the Swell proceeds get donated to the SPCA International so they can use it where they need it the most and we are proud to be their partner. To learn more visit the SPCA International website.


coconut milk, blueberries, red beet, chamomile tea, passionflower tea, honey, cinnamon, ginger, natural stabilizer (gum acacia, locust bean gum, guar gum)